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Welcome to Hit Dawg

Hit Dawg is Opening on Monday, May 18th!

We have a set plan in place to make sure all athletes stay safe based on the CDC requirements. We have 7 layers of protection that will help ensure the safety of our athletes in the facility. 

  1. We will be a drop off facility- Drop-off is to reduce the number of people in the facility. Parents/brother/sister/friends will NOT be allowed in the facility. Only the athlete that is taking part in the social distancing practice/lesson (SDPL) will be allowed in the facility. 
  2. All athlete's temperature will be taken when they enter the facility. If they have a temperature above 100.7 we will ask them to not come to practice for 7 days or when the athletes temperature is back to normal.
  3. The athletes will wash their hands for 20 seconds or more. This will happen before and after the lesson/practice and will be monitored by the front desk staff.
  4. We will have disinfectant spray and hand sanitizer in each area the athletes are using. We will be asking them to wipe down any equipment they use. Also, if they cough or sneeze we will be asking them to use the hand sanitizer right away. Our coaches and high school staff will help monitor. 
  5. Our staff will be doing a deep clean when we open and close our facility each day. This clean consists of bleaching the bathrooms, disinfecting the doors to enter the facility, disinfecting the storage shelves, disinfecting the balls, disinfecting the weight room and any other areas that are touched throughout the facility. 
  6. We will be using the social distancing rule of six feet while in the facility. We have remodeled the facility for this reason to be able to keep athletes at a safe distance from other athletes and coaches. This will affect the way we train, which will be laid out below in more detail.
  7. We will have no more than 10 people in our facility at any given time. All of our time will be scheduled using the mind body. We ask that athletes do NOT come in unless they are scheduled.

**All of our coaches will go through the same protective measure that we are asking our athletes to do. After each session, our coaches will be wiping down the bathrooms, door handles and waiting areas as the next group comes in. 

** We are not requiring athletes or our coaches to wear a masks at this time. If you feel the need to wear one please bring your own mask with you. 

***No rentals or open gym times will be allowed to scheduled at this time.

Facility Updates

We have fully reconfigured our whole facility to make sure we have enough space to socially distance. We did this with the perception that we were going to have to come up with a new way to train in these unmeasured times. As you enter into the lobby, there are no chairs or table to sit at. When you enter the turfed facility, you will walk to the shelving to place any belonging you have with you. We ask that you only bring in items that you are going to use, but if you have anything else you can keep it on the shelves if necessary. Then, you will be instructed to meet in our new open area where we will go over each progression. We now have 12 cages in our facility, or 3 large open areas to allow us enough space to accomplish all the training. We also have a testing area for video analysis and K vest which will make our training more individualized. The Pro Batter is up and running, so baseball athletes can use without a coach touching any of the balls.  Our weight room is now located in the back by the garage doors, so no one can just hang out in the facility. It is also set up 6 feet apart so we can train using social distancing.  This has taken us 6 weeks to complete and we are really excited to see athletes back in and able to use all the space that we have to get trained at the highest level. 

With the new set up we did a deep clean in all areas of our facility. We had our carpets scrubbed and vacuumed in the lobby. We disinfected all bathrooms, lobby, weight room and office areas. 

Facility Schedule updates

During our Social Distancing Practice/Lesson (SDPL) we will have 2 coaches in during any given time plus 8 athletes. Two athletes will show up for each session time, and follow the line of defense that we stated above. Athletes will be asked to stay outside while standing six feet apart. They will be called in to take their temperature and wash their hands.  After, We will get you set up in our progression of hitting and defense areas. Our coaches will be there to instruct and coach up each progression. Once they are done at that progression they will disinfect the equipment and move to the next station. The sessions will be 75 minutes in length. 

Coaches Schedule for SDLP 10 AM- 3:30 PM:
M: Pat, Jesse, Lisa
TU: Pat, Jesse, Dan
W: Pat, Jesse, Lisa
TH: Pat, Jesse, Dan
F: Pat, Jesse, Lisa

We understand that this is going to look different than our Academy practices, and Lessons, but under these circumstances we need to make sure we are following the CDC guidelines to keep everyone as safe. We have a new waiver in place for anyone that will be scheduling a SDPL

SDLP will be offered Monday through Friday 10 AM- 3:30 PM


75 minute SDPL Academy - $60 

75 minute SDPL Non- Academy- $80

SDPL Session Sign-up

Please Fill out our up-to-date Liability Waiver & bring it to your first scheduled session 

Please follow the following link to set up your social distancing practice/lesson (SDPL):

~Choose Book Appointment, then SDLP. 

~You will then choose Academy Member Lesson, or the Non Academy Lesson (for any non academy friends or family who would like to book.)

~ Next, select Search, and choose the time you would like to book.

**Please contact us if you have previously purchased a lesson that had to be cancelled due to COVID-19, and would like to use that for one of the SDPL Sessions. We will need to go into your account, and give you a cash credit to be able to use your purchased lesson toward SDPL. This includes the lessons purchased for training with Shawn Wooten. 

Thank you,
Hit Dawg Staff

    Facility Information

    2050 East Center Circle
    Building F, Suite 300
    Plymouth, MN 55441

    Phone: (763)557-2569

    Monday -  10 am - 3:30 pm
    Tuesday - 10 am - 3:30 pm
    Wednesday - 10 am - 3:30 pm
    Thursday - 10 am - 3:30 pm
    Friday - 10 am - 3:30 pm
    Saturday - CLOSED
    Sunday - CLOSED

    *No Open Gym or Rentals at this Time*

    Hit Dawg Summer High School Teams

    High School Players,

    With the cancellation of the Legion and Jr. Legion seasons due to Covid 19, I want to invite ALL high school players, especially Hitdawg members to join in on our Hitdawg Summer Series. This is going to give all incoming Freshman through graduating Seniors a place to practice and compete against each other this summer. PLEASE spread the word about this Hitdawg Summer Series. Invite teammates and friends. We are going to try and reach out and do this for as many high school players as we can handle. ALL are welcome!

    Submit the information needed below by May 31st to Jesse Eikum – Also, please forward to any families you all know who might be interested as well. The sooner I receive responses the easier it will be for me to organize.

    This Summer Series we are combining with some early “fall baseball” to give you a baseball season that would run from mid June through early Sept.

    I especially understand that having lost seasons for the 2021 grads will be challenging in the recruiting process and how to navigate it. I want to help any of you throughout the summer in being a resource to each one of you.

    We will work within the updated states health guidelines, social gathering numbers and within the city fields policies to give you all a chance to compete and get better with teammates and opponents you might have played against and meet new friends along the way.

    Below will be a general outline of what we are hoping to do this summer with our Hitdawg Summer Series.

    · Mid June – Early July – Group Practices – Team Scrimmage/Intrasquad games (whenever the Governor will allow larger groups to gather)

    · Post July 4th weekend – Continue Practices/Team Scrimmage/Intrasquad games

    · July 13-16 – Local Club Tournament – teams will be made up

    · July 20-23 – Local Club Tournament –

    · End of July – Early August – Group Practices – Team Scrimmages

    · “Early Fall Baseball” MN Club Baseball League (weekday games)

    o Month of August (more dates and details later)

    · MN Club Baseball Fall League Tournament – Late August/Early Sept.

    We will be working on the cost. The field/s we will use is TBD. Practice dates and times will be based on availability.

    What I need from those interested (Submit by May 31st)

    Email Jesse Eikum – if interested in this, but include the information below.

    Name of Player
    High School
    Graduation Year
    Date of Birth
    Parent/Guardian/s Names
    Preferred Email
    Secondary Email
    Is your son available during day?
    T-shirt Size

    Jesse Eikum
    Jesse Eikum
    Hitdawg Academy
    College Advisor/Team Coordinator
    Plymouth, MN

    A Baseball & Softball Academy that is Dedicated

    We are dedicated to ensuring the proper development of all kids. It does not matter your age, nor size. We start by working on the basic needs so that kids are able to compete at all levels. I learned early in my career that I could be a better baseball player by learning basic fundamentals. That is what made me into a Major League Player. I was not the biggest, nor was I the strongest. Yet, I played against Major League Players. Players need to learn how to play the game properly, so that the game becomes easier for the player to compete when he/she is not the biggest player on the field. We are dedicated to helping your child become the best player he/she can be. Hit Dawg coaches and l work on building players to prepare them for the next level of play.

    We will do the following for YOU:

    • Help Build Player's Confidence
    • Teach Proper Technique
    • Teach Proper Fundamentals
    • Ensure that Players Learn Baseball & Softball 101


    Cory Seager

    I first encountered Woot-Dog in AA. We had an instant connection and trust about hitting! His knowledge of hitting and mechanics is far above and beyond any other person I've encountered! He's helped to make me the hitter I am today and continues to help me improve on a daily basis. He breaks down swings to the individual so they can better understand their swing! And on top of all his expertise, he's an even better person!

    ~Corey Seager, LA Dodgers