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The Swing

The Movements of a swing and their flaws

The Swing

1. Set up

2. The Hand Sequence 

3. The Turn Sequence

4. The Path


Above vs side

Stride in vs stride out

Sequence with pump vs sequence with yellich


Lower half in a drill

I had Sam do a drill to feel how he needs to create some depth in his swing to get above the ball and behind the ball. I broke it down in basically three segments. Each segment is defined by his first moves in the swing and a thoughts how how to hit a ball.  The first part (first green lines) you can see how the swing on the L has already opened up before the ball is in the hitting zone. The R swing, all his angles meaning his whole body is facing the other batters box before he starts his swing

This is the biggest issue with most players. As the move forward some thing will leak open or start to spin The ball is in the same spot. Here is the coaching part for me. I/coach see the swing on the left and tells him to stay closed or whatever the words are. His knees, hips and chest need to be in the position in the right so he can transfer into his front hips so he can make this move

Where his hands are moving over home plate and his hands will pass his head so his head can stay behind the ball. You can see on the R that his back side (back shoulder, hip and knee) is coming deeper into the hitting zone and his head is over hole plate with his eyes looking down the line of the ball The one on the L, his hands can’t catch up as his lead hip pulls him away from home plate taking everything else with him When I/our coaches explain things. They are trying to tell you certain things they see. Your flying open. Your underneath the ball. Your not over, 99 percent of the time you have either open up with the front hip. Which caused a lot of cause and effect or your didn’t transfer or you sequence up your hand move with your stride

Justin Turner and Nolan Aredano as their toe is getting into the ground

This is why we do a lot of drills from here. Trying to make you feel these moves. The problem is that there is other moves with timing on those moves