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Welcome to the Online Home of the
Hit Dawg Academy!

2050 East Center Circle

Building F, Suite 300

Plymouth, MN 55441

Phone: (763)557-2569



Monday- 10 AM- 5 PM

Tuesday- 10 AM- 2 PM

Wednesday- 9 AM- 2 PM 

Thursday: 10 AM- 2 PM 

Friday: 7-8 PM

Saturday: 1-4 PM

Sunday: 10-11 AM & 1-2 PM

**Academy Players, please call/email for Open Gym hours outside the times listed above**

A Baseball & Softball Academy that is Dedicated

We are dedicated to ensuring the proper development of all kids. It does not matter your age, nor size. We start by working on the basic needs so that kids are able to compete at all levels. I learned early in my career that I could be a better baseball player by learning basic fundamentals. That is what made me into a Major League Player. I was not the biggest, nor was I the strongest. Yet, I played against Major League Players. I attribute my success to what I call "Baseball 101."  This is based on learning how to play the game properly, so that the game becomes easier for the player to compete when he/she is not the biggest player on the field. When you put a great athlete, and Baseball 101 together you have something special. We are dedicated to helping your child become the best player he/she can be. Hit Dawg coaches and l work on building players to prepare them for the next level of play.

We will do the following for YOU:

  • Help Build Player's Confidence
  • Teach Proper Technique
  • Teach Proper Fundamentals
  • Ensure that Players Learn Baseball & Softball 101

I first encountered Woot-Dog in AA. We had an instant connection and trust about hitting! His knowledge of hitting and mechanics is far above and beyond any other person I've encountered! He's helped to make me the hitter I am today and continues to help me improve on a daily basis. He breaks down swings to the individual so they can better understand their swing! An on top of all his expertise, he's an even better person!

~Corey Seager, LA Dodgers

    SUMMER DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM for Baseball & Softball Players

    Flexible schedule for busy athletes: You Choose the total number of sessions and dates you want to attend!!

    This Summer Developmental Program is built to improve every aspect of your game. Strength Training, Sprint and Form Running, Athletic Body Function/Movements, and Baseball or Softball Skills Training & Practice! 

    Are you ready to practice more, develop, and still be a part of your Association? Then, this program is for you! Players CAN be on a Travel Ball Team, Association Team, Junior Legion Team, or any other Team, and still be a part of our Summer Developmental Program. You will NOT play any games with us. This is not a League or Tournament Team Program. You will have a chance to lift weights, get faster and stronger, and get better at baseball or softball while playing with your own Summer Team and showcasing your skills!  


    ~One hour of Baseball or Softball Practice each session

    ~Strength Training- Offered Monday, Tuesdays, & Wednesdays

    ~Speed and Agility Training- Offered Thursdays

    ~Athletic Body Function Development

    Dates: Mondays through Thursdays June 11th through August 23rd
    *No Sessions scheduled 7/2/18 through 7/5/18


    7-12U: Strength/Speed & Agility 10-11 AM; Baseball Practice 11 AM-12 PM

    13U+: Strength/Speed & Agility 11 AM-12 PM; Baseball Practice 12-1 PM

    Strength/Speed & Agility 11 AM-12 PM; Softball Practice 12-1 PM


    40 sessions- $600
    32 sessions- $560
    24 sessions- $450
    16 sessions- $320
    8 sessions- $180
    4 sessions- $100

    *For all options that are less than 40 sessions, you may choose the days you will attend a session when you register. 

    Location: Hit Dawg Academy in Plymouth

    Register at: