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Welcome to Hit Dawg

Facility Information

2050 East Center Circle
Building F, Suite 300
Plymouth, MN 55441

Phone: (763)557-2569

Monday - 3-9 pm
Tuesday - 3-9 pm
Wednesday - 3-9 pm
Thursday - 3-9 pm
Friday - By Appointment Only
Saturday - 11 am- 4 pm
Sunday - 11 am- 5 pm

Lessons can be booked online at:

Summer Development Program
for Baseball & Softball Players

This Summer Developmental Program is built to improve every aspect of your game. Strength Training, Sprint and Form Running, Athletic Body Function/Movements, and Baseball or Softball Hitting Instruction & Practice!

~Baseball or Softball Hitting Instruction & Practice each session
~Strength Training and Speed/Agility Training
~Athletic Body Function Development

Register at:

More Info.:


Hit Dawg's Safety Plan & Procedures

We have a set plan in place to make sure all athletes stay safe based on the CDC requirements. We have the following layers of protection that will help ensure the safety of our athletes in the facility. 

Please go over this list of requirements with your player prior to participating in the practices at Hit Dawg. These steps are in addition to the Covid-19 policy/precautions we had in place prior to the shutdown. 

Steps we are taking to safely and legally open under the guidance:

1. All athletes and coaches temperatures taken upon entering the facility (we are still a drop off only facility- no parents/guardians will be allowed to wait inside)

2. All athletes will sanitize hands upon entering and exiting the facility

3. We will adhere to the capacity limits set by the Governor

4. Facility/equipment will be sanitized prior to next group entering

5. All athletes will stay distanced from one another

6. Bags are now allowed, but please only bring the equipment you need. Smaller bags are preferred.

7. Masks are required to enter the facility 

8. Masks are required the entire time you are in the facility practicing/training, unless you are unable to tolerate wearing a face covering because of a medical condition (mental health condition, or disability (please let us know in advance, if you cannot wear a mask)

9. Please arrive no more than 5 minutes before your session start time as we do not want players congregating the lobby waiting area. The door into the turfed training area will be closed until the coaches are ready for you.

10. Please be on time! The front door to the facility will be locked after the athletes are checked in, and the session or practice starts.

11. Please bring your own helmet to use. Please bring your own water. Our water fountains will not be available for use at this time

**All of our coaches will go through the same protective measure that we are asking our athletes to do. After each session, our coaches will be wiping down the bathrooms, door handles and waiting areas as the next group comes in. 

Facility Updates

We have fully reconfigured our whole facility to make sure we have enough space to socially distance. We did this with the perception that we were going to have to come up with a new way to train in these unmeasured times. As you enter into the lobby, there are no chairs or table to sit at. We now have 12 cages in our facility, or 3 large open areas to allow us enough space to accomplish all the training. We also have a testing area for video analysis and K vest which will make our training more individualized. The Pro Batter is up and running, so athletes can use without a coach touching any of the balls.  Our weight room is now located in the back by the garage doors, so no one can just hang out in the facility. It is also set up 6 feet apart so we can train using social distancing.  This has taken us several weeks to complete and we are really excited to see athletes back in and able to use all the space that we have to get trained at the highest level. With the new set up we did a deep clean in all areas of our facility. We had our carpets scrubbed and vacuumed in the lobby. We disinfected all bathrooms, lobby, weight room and office areas. 

Covid-19 Exposure Policy

Hit Dawg's policy for Covid-19 Exposure: We follow the same policy and guidelines as the schools and sports associations follow. If you are in contact with a friend, schoolmate, teammate, family member, or anyone else, you cannot come to Hit Dawg for practices, lessons, etc. for 10 days from exposure as long as you have received a negative Covid test after 5 days from exposure. If you choose not to have a Covid test done, you cannot come to Hit Dawg for 14 days from exposure. Furthermore, if you have taken a Covid test for any reason, please DO NOT come to HD for practices, lessons, etc. during the waiting period for a negative test. 

We will continue to require masks, we will take temps, require hand washing, and do our part in disinfecting. We take all of these precautions and have the policies we do, so that we can keep Hit Dawg open for your kids to attend practices with their peers. 

We know this is a very difficult time for everyone, and giving our kids the chance to get exercise and be with friends and peers is so important to their physical and mental health. We can only do so much to try to stop the spread of Covid, so please do your part in helping us continue to be able to offer practices and lessons at Hit Dawg! 

Thank you!
Hit Dawg Staff

Face Mask Requirement at Hit Dawg

Face Masks are required as set forth in Emergency Executive Order 20-81. Any person entering and exiting Hit Dawg is required to wear a face covering that covers the person’s entire nose and mouth.

Hit Dawg will be requires that all players wear masks when entering the facility, during practices, and when leaving the facility.

Please go over this requirement with your child. 

We are making all of our decisions based on what the MN Department of Health recommends, the Covid data and numbers in Hennepin County, and what we feel will keep our coaches, players, and their families the safest.

Any person who is exempt from wearing a face covering under paragraph 8-a of Governor Walz's Executive Order 20-81 is asked to notify Hit Dawg, preferably prior to entering Hit Dawg.

We are still a drop off only facility. Only registered athletes are allowed in the Hit Dawg waiting area and training facility. We ask that parents please drop off and come back when your child's session is complete, or wait outside in your car during your child's session.

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    A Baseball & Softball Academy that is Dedicated

    We are dedicated to ensuring the proper development of all kids. It does not matter your age, nor size. We start by working on the basic needs so that kids are able to compete at all levels. I learned early in my career that I could be a better baseball player by learning basic fundamentals. That is what made me into a Major League Player. I was not the biggest, nor was I the strongest. Yet, I played against Major League Players. Players need to learn how to play the game properly, so that the game becomes easier for the player to compete when he/she is not the biggest player on the field. We are dedicated to helping your child become the best player he/she can be. Hit Dawg coaches and l work on building players to prepare them for the next level of play.

    We will do the following for YOU:

    • Help Build Player's Confidence
    • Teach Proper Technique
    • Teach Proper Fundamentals
    • Ensure that Players Learn Baseball & Softball 101


    Cory Seager

    I first encountered Woot-Dog in AA. We had an instant connection and trust about hitting! His knowledge of hitting and mechanics is far above and beyond any other person I've encountered! He's helped to make me the hitter I am today and continues to help me improve on a daily basis. He breaks down swings to the individual so they can better understand their swing! And on top of all his expertise, he's an even better person!

    ~Corey Seager, LA Dodgers